These photographs were shot in Havana and in Mexico City between 2001 and 2002. They talk about that period, and about the urgency to work free of constraint, without having to rationalize or to explaìn what i was doing and why to myself or to anyone else. It was an urgency, precisely that, a neccessity which could not be delayed, I won’t talk about the significance of attributing the results to this urgency primarily because l’m not the one who has to interpret or give a name to what I am doing, but also because I can’t find the right words to answer certain questions. I defìnitely wanted to do colour photographs, in which the colours were the active part, had a strong emotional impact, and didn’t bring to the image either a realistic and/or a decorative element. As frequently happens, I chose surroundings in which I could work arbitrarily and intuitively.